Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's about time, I suppose . . .

After spending countless hours at my job looking at other people's blogs (working for a design firm), I decided it was about damn time I started one up myself, and linked it to my (as yet unfinished) website.
Yes, I am weak.
Yes, this will be full of the rantings of a crazed historical costumer/actress/writer/emotional fuckwit. You may not want to read it. In fact, if any of the above has you shaking your head or pursing your lips as though just having eaten a lemon (god knows why you would want to do that, unless its in order to make that face), I recommend you navigate away, and do not visit my little hub again.
However, if you want to know about my latest project, the most recent book I'm loving, product I've tried, etc . . . then stay, and check back in the future.

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