Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Ballgown of Dooooooooooom!

Some inspiration

The Ballgown of Doom approaches. I see it, sitting in piles of fabric, lurking on my sewing chair, peeking out from an innocent-looking pattern envelope. It is coming.

Okay, enough of the drama. I have to make a ballgown this week, before Saturday, for Naperville. The lace came yesterday (yay!), and it is very pretty: white organdy with pale yellow roses and silver embroidery running through it; it looks lovely over the mushroom and gold brocade. The skirt will be mushroom brocade with two flounces of the organdy over it; the bodice is brocade with double-puff sleeves with an organdy overlay and flounce. There will be a small white point d'esprit tucker. I'm using the Kay Gnaghy Simplicity pattern for the bodice, but without the frou-frou on the front;) What do you think? Comments?


Julia said...

Whoohoo! i love the title of this post :) Made me laugh. I have books waiting in the shadows for me too!

I love the fabric you picked and I think the frou-frou-free bodice will be lovely!

Ginger said...

I'll post pics after this weekend of the finished product; let's hope it turns out well;)