Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays! (on Wednesday!)

I know, I know; I missed Favorite site Tuesdays. Sue me! With the holiday, I kept thinking yesterday was Monday (all day). So here it is, a day late, but worth the wait: my favorite site this week is The Monster Factory.

Based out of Toronto, Monster Factory is the collaboration of three very talented artists, and it focuses on the creation of really funky and adorable plush creatures. Like Stupid Sock Creatures (another personal favorite from artist John Murphy), Monster Factory not only designs and makes each unique creature, but gives them each a funny, quirky, often bizarre story. You're not just adopting a conversation piece, you're getting an opening to an indie film;)

They have different collections, each with a unifying look and theme. The 8-bits are like those teens you know will never move out of mom's basement . . .

I can just see these two having some kind of circus act;)

The quality of these plushies is pretty awesome; you can tell these people understand how to create the shapes they want with their pattern pieces, which is a skill that is not always that easy to learn.

I had a drama teacher like him;)

Truly, if you're into slightly skewed stuffed animals (like I am), you'll love Monster Factory. Check them out, and surf over to Stupid Creatures, Dooodolls and Ugly Doll too;)

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