Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays!

I know I have talked about these guys before, but I wanted to take the time to write a feature post on them, so they're my favorite site for the week!

Most of you know that I found my rabbit, Viola, through Red Door; after losing Alfalfa, the little white fluff-ball I had had in my life for eight years, I was devastated, and unsure whether or not I could handle adopting another rabbit. But, after a few months, I remembered the flyers and posters my vet, Chicago Exotics, always had posted around the office advertising the animals for adoption over at Red Door. So I found them online and filled out a form, and after a few phone calls I headed over to meet the bunnies.

Toni Greetis and all the devoted folks over at Red Door are truly fabulous at what they do; I have rarely met a more dedicated group of individuals. Red Door houses abandoned, abused and homeless rabbits, cats, dogs, and even occasionally ducks and other animals who find themselves in need. They exist completely on donations and thrive on people who care enough to give of themselves to the animals, whether it be as a foster, a new parent, or simply with gifts of money, food, blankets, empty pet carriers, etc. They are one of the only truly no-kill animal shelters in the city; they will routinely get calls from places like the Anti-Cruelty Society (which is a great shelter, but is not no-kill), to see if they have room to take their over-flow of bunnies and save the animals from euthanization due to over-crowding.

If you are considering adding a new member to your family, please stop by and visit the animals so in need of loving forever-homes. Also, consider fostering animals who might need a little extra help, whether because they are recovering from an illness, need some socialization, or just need a change of scenery. You can also be a buddy, and sponsor an animal at the shelter.

And, if you're up for a little fun in the sun, stop by the 2009 Gimme Shelter Walk on June 7th; there will be food, games, and lots of other fun stuff, as well as a walk to raise funds to benefit Red Door. If you like, you can click here to donate to my page for the Walk. Also, read their blog to keep up-to-date on the goings-on Behind the Red Door.

Enjoy the video of my bunny below: Viola just being, well, Viola;)

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