Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding daydreams . . .

I suppose it's sort of inevitable that, after looking at so many wedding sites for my sister, I should start daydreaming about what I would choose for my wedding. The best part? No budget required for daydreaming; I can pick whatever I like! I think in terms of color I'd go with peacock blue, and the Susanne Neville dress above would make a lovely bridesmaid.

I love this spring table setting from Martha Stewart Weddings. Centerpieces should never impede conversation, and the delicate dogwood branches are perfect for that. Simple and elegant.

I am so having a sweet table at my wedding;) I love the idea of doing a sweet bar with little scoops and bags for favors with a tag that says your names. Bulk candy companies will often sell many colors in their candies, making it easy to match your wedding theme. And, think how cute and elegant to have a sweet table full of monochromatic sweets!

My dress fetish right now is this beautiful Matthew Christopher gown, Lalique. The petals on the back look like a peacock tail to me, and I love the tulle peeking out at the bottom. I saw it first in the Knot magazine, and fell in love;)

With that, I would wear a beautiful cathedral length creation from Rohm.

And, since you can't wear a cathedral-length veil for dancing, I'd love a fabulous fascinator for the reception;) This one is from Liaison's Etsy Shop.

The wedding cake would have to follow the peacock theme, of course! I found this beautiful example here:OzCake's Flickr Photostream. Apparently the above cake won them first place, and I can see why!

Finally the invites would have to be fun and unique; too often lately I've seen nothing but the blandest, most boring invitations coming in the mail! My one rule: no boring!!! This is a custom set from Paper+Cup, and I just love how it makes you feel like you're going on a trip;)

Yeah, I know; silly to plan something while you're still single. I guess I just have weddings on the brain lately, and I can't help it . . .


Debbie said...

Dropped by from SITS.
How fun to imagine the wedding without the stress! Love that cake.

Kimba said...

I never realized until this post & the one for your dreams for CA just how modern your tastes are! is Tab engaged already?!?!

Ginger said...

Not officially, but it's generally acknowledged that the train has left the station on that one;)

It always surprises people how modern my design tastes are! I think it's a reaction to how much time I spend researching historical periods for one thing or another, but really, I just like things that are clean and well-designed in any era. In the Victorian-era, that means well-tailored bodices and self-fabric pleats, and in my livingroom that means a leather couch and IKEA table;)It makes sense in my brain, but I understand the confusion . . .