Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding threads . . .

Saturday was the wedding of two of our friends, Heather and Don Dawson up in Waukesha at the charming Rotunda building. I am not going to share pics of the wedding; I just recently read something about that being rude since the bride and groom paid actual money to have photographs taken without candids ending up everywhere online. Besides, none of you know them anyway;)

I am, however, posting pics of myself and my sister, who looked absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself. I found a BCBG dress on eBay; one day, the people of the Bay of E will declare me supreme ruler of all the land;) Everybody loved the scaly texture, and kept trying to touch me all afternoon, which was a bit strange; that's what happens when you're friends with costumers, I guess. My sister wore a lovely dress we found at Nordstrom, with a bolero I made to match it.

"Tea for two . . . and two for tea . . ." I don't know what I'm doing here. I swear I didn't have any alcohol at this wedding. It also strangely looks like my rib is collapsing on one side . . .

Told you my sister looked fabulous.

And finally, the most glamourous shot of me ever taken. This is, of course, the bathroom at the Rotunda. I figured there wouldn't be any full-length shots taken, and I wanted to see my shoes in at least one picture, so here you go.

It was a nice bathroom, at least.

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