Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Covet: the Convertible Dress

My new covet? There seems to be a convertible dress trend happening, and though I was a little slow in coming around, I have come to love the idea of a dress that drapes beautifully and can be worn numerous ways.

My favorite is from Dessy, known for their affordable and chic bridesmaid and prom dresses. Their version is called the Twist, and they illustrate a few ideas for how to wear it, though you are only limited by your own imagination! At close to $200, it's not cheap, but if you're planning to wear it for a wedding, that's not a bad price!

This is my favorite style, above;) It also comes in a dozen colors, one of which is sure to go with your color scheme, and is also available in a full-length version.

Victoria's Secret also offers a version of the convertible dress, on sale on their site right now for under $100. It comes in several colors too, but is a little more casual than the Dessy dress.

Two Birds is another company offering a convertible bridesmaid dress, again availale in two lengths and multiple colors. Imagine outfitting your whole wedding party in the same dress, and having everyone look different! No one can complain they don't like the style!

Butter By Nadia has the most color choices of any of the other companies; they even offer adorable striped versions! This one goes from the beach to the ceremony to a night out, and has a few interesting styling ideas too.
For me, the DIY Queen, I'll probably buy a few yards of jersey and make myself one! There's a great tutorial here from Rostitchery, and I'll let you know how it goes;)

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Anonymous said...

I heart this dress so much! I keep meaning to break out the sewing machine a DIY one.

*adds to list*