Friday, June 5, 2009

Tiny Bunnies . . .

There is a family of bunnies living on our cul-de-sac. For at least a year, I have caught glimpses of two wild brown rabbits, living in the turn-around at the end of our block tht connects to the CTA depot. It is full of trees and grass and is on a slope; perfect for digging a hidden rabbit hole, safe from the outside world and unseen by predators. I've seen them here and there, ducking into yards to nibble grass, running across the sidewalk as I pass. Then, early this May, I caught my first sight of a new addition: a tiny baby brown bunny, no bigger than my fist.
Yesterday as I walked home from the train, I caught sight of mommy and baby, and I whipped out my camera to take some quick pics. The mom ran across the alley to go into the fenced CTA yard (choice grass and no people!), while the baby sat a few feet from me and chewed on the weeds in the turn-around. I stood and watched, and he watched me; we were in silent communion until a stranger came passing through and frightened him back into the overgrowth.
I'll keep my eyes open for him;)

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