Thursday, July 30, 2009

Centerpieces . . .

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Chicago Social Bride Magazine for my sister, and as I rode the train home, I paged through it. Within the profiles of real brides' weddings, there was a fall-themed reception that had these manzanita centerpieces on the tables. Zing! Like a little lightning-bolt to the brain, I could see my sister's centerpieces clear as day, and when I pitched the idea to her last night, she loved it. "That was just what I was thinking of, in an unformed, nebulous way."
"See?" I replied. "It's my job to take your unformed, nebulous ideas and grid them, chart them, speadsheet them, and draw up the blueprints."
You think I'm joking, but I secretly believe that the reason she made me her maid of honor is not because I'm her sister, but because I'll be her unpaid wedding coordinator;)
Take a look at the above (you'll have to click the image to see the directions, which are pretty simple), and then check out some of the links for supplies:
Manzanita Branches
Votive holders
Hydrangea blooms
Tin containers
Crystal Garland
Happy DIY Weddings!

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