Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Money Dress Diary: part 1

So, it's just about that time: time to set my sanity aside in a little jar by the bed and start working on my next huge project. In this case, it's the reproduction of my favorite dress from Deadwood: the Money Dress. I'm lucky to have access to concept sketches, screencaps from the episode, and hi-res images that tell me a great deal about the original; thank the Deadwood site for that.
After study and analysis, here's my working sketch. The body of the original is dupioni silk with satin ribbon and silk velvet, luckily all materials I can find easily. Truly Victorian is providing the patterns:

TV 422


Silk Baron is providing the silk, with the body being made of Clover dupioni (around 17 yards of it!) and the accent velvet in Evergreen. The satin ribbon is coming from JKM Ribbon, in Emerald. I'll also need to get emerald green satin, but I'll probably just pick some up at my local Joann's, since I need so little of it.

That's the preliminaries for now: stay tuned for progress updates! Check back in tomorrow for the Steampunk variation as well;)


Pixel Wild Child said...

You are going to do such reproduction? wow,I am amazed, seriously, it looks like a ton of hard work! I will love to see the work in process and of course the result!

Jenaveve said...

My in-laws have just given us the Deadwood series on DVD - I hadn't heard of it until now (and recall this recent post) so having seen this fabulous outfit, I can't wait to watch it!