Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ghosts of Halloweens past . . .

October is finally here!!!! Yay!!!! Okay; done with the crazy exclamation points.

October is probably one of my favorite months, not for the chilly weather or the beginning of sweater season, but for the one day a year when it becomes socially acceptable to dress up: Halloween. I don't know what I would do without this holiday; probably explode. I just wanted to post a little retrospective on some costumes of Halloweens past: come, walk down memory lane with me;)
Here's the year my friend K. decided her party theme would be Come As Your Favorite Literary Character . . . Dead. I wanted to do a Natural Form and a Sacque-Back Gown, so my sister and I went as Mina Harker and the Marquise de Merteuil.

I had a lot of fun with this sacque-back; it was a lot easier to do than I was expecting, though the ruched trim was kind of a nightmare. Still, I wish this was a better picture, because she looked fabulous.

This was Faery year. I had just started doing the Fantastickals makeup, so I made myself into a Peacock Faery, and my sister was the spirit of Autumn. Yep; I made a peacock feather headpiece. Yep, I burned my fingers pretty badly doing it.

This was technically for a New Year's do, but I still love this Voldemort get-up. This was before he appeared in the films, so I based it entirely on the books.The sides and back of that coat have beaded, embroidered celtic snake designs, as does the belt. It was a very heavy, warm costume, and I looked so scary that no one at the party wanted to talk to me!

This was our first year doing the Halloween parade in Boy's Town; Tab is Vampire Willow, and I did a sage dupioni Polonaise. Not my best effort; this was several years ago!

This is definitely from the Way-Back Machine! This is the year I went as Sally from my favorite "Nightmare Before Christmas". I was still living at home here! I made the dress out of quilted felt, and I made the yarn wig as well;)

And, here's the Giselle-Monster from last year;) I loved this dress, but it was such a production! See my dress diary for it here.
Well, I'm definitely looking forward to getting started on this year's dress; I hope the fabric arrives soon, or there will be some panicked posts to come . . .

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