Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh beautiful for spacious thighs . . .

This documentary is coming out on DVD soon, if it's not actually out already.

I know I've written before on this blog about body image, about my own struggles with my weight and with being healthier . . . but in the end, I know the real struggle within me is about wanting to look like these girls, these fake, 'shopped girls you see in magazines and films. I look at my 30" waist and my 40" hips and I cringe; my skirt starts to feel tight, and I declare I am off food for the day. I feel real fear before stepping on the scale, terrified I will see a creep of a few pounds, and I look away from mirrors in disgust, thinking of the entire cup of soup I just ate, or the grande chai I had that morning.

People, women's body image is seriously fucked up. Being a size 10 is not fat. Being 6' tall and weighing only 130lbs is unhealthy. 35" waists are nearly unattainable. Then, why is it that I wish I could get liposuction, and my fondest wish is to be a size 4? Why is my dream of film acting tied up with losing another 30lbs?

I want to see this film, and I think it should be shown in schools, grammar schools, to girls as young as possible. I hope that one day, if I have a daughter, I can raise her to love herself and feel beautiful. Every woman deserves that.

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christa elyce said...

i think it was some guest on oprah that said that they didn't keep a scale in their home. that when they did they would check daily. constantly. that it was always on their mind, their weight. they did away with it. the became happy with themselves. thus helping them in many aspects of their life and also helping them tone and slim down healthily.

i did the same. i only step on a scale when i see one at my kids' doctor's office. i was most happy when i noticed my weight go down. it was the best feeling...and i didn't do it over night...i just didn't worry about it. i just tried a little better each meal. take the stairs more often. park a little further...

thanks for sharing this post! and thanks for commenting on mine. I'm totally following your blog...i love it!