Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venue-hopeful . . .

Image courtesy: Alhambra Palace

Yes, you heard it here first: my sister may have picked her venue. We have our friend K to thank, as she suggested it; I had never heard of it!
Sunday, Tabitha, A., K., and I went to Alhambra Palace, a Lebanese restaurant on Randolph St. that not only had very good cuisine (that Tagine just melted like butter!), the decor was dramatic and incredible; definitely not your average rent-a-hall.

The pics are pretty drak and they don't do the room justice; it was colorful and full of life. The eye never got bored, roaming to some new detail, like moorish tiles, inlaid mother-of-pearl, carved wood, and bright morrocan lanterns.

Everywhere we looked, there were little sitting areas that we loved, little klatches perfect for getting away from the dancefloor and talking, decompressing. the chairs were all pretty unique too; many of them looked like antiques!

This is the main dancefloor, with room for tables and such along the wall. I can picture this all lit up; the room is so elaborate, you barely need any decoration for the tables! Hello, money-saver!

The well-appointed bar. A. is pretty strict about his drink beliefs; he wants a totally dry wedding. Alhambra has drink requirements, however, so he'll have to give that idea up. I keep saying he doesn't have to drink, but other people at the reception might want to!

One of the beautiful doors we kept coming upon throughout our tour. They were all different and hand-carved and beautiful.
Tabitha and A. have an appointment with the event coordinator for Alhambra next week, and I'm crossing my fingers. Please let us have hummus and lamb tagine!


Elizabeth said...

What an interesting venue! Definitely not your usual wedding locale, but that's what makes it super cool!

Lisa in Oz said...

Oh wow, this is so pretty! I loooove the decor - what a great venue!

Pam said...

What a lovely and dramatic setting for a wedding. I love it. So full of personality. Looks like a great choice!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, beautiful setting! I love the character! What guest wouldn't love to spend an evening here?