Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays: Whirlingturban!

Holy cow. I am in love with Whirlingturban! I stumbled across this site the other day from one of the wedding blogs I read regularly, and I was instantly hooked! There are lots of sites that sell "vintage-style" dresses, but I often find that the prices are inflated and the fabric and construction is substandard. But, Whirlingturban keeps prices reasonable and uses silks and satins and brocades, and the construction looks impeccable. These dresses should satisfy the Mad Men urge in any bride;)

This is totally Joan Holloway's wedding dress. How adorable and sexy would this be with a little bird-cage veil and pink platform pumps?

I love how flattering this would look on an hour-glass girl like me, and that stand-up collar? Shut up. Grab a pill-box hat and run--run--to the chapel.

There's something that feels very Grace Kelly about this dress. That wide collar, just barely on the shoulder, frames a pretty clavicle perfectly. And, the tulle underskirt can be a customized color. The great thing about all these dresses is that they are all fully customizable; you can pick a bodice style you like and pair it with your favorite skirt style, customize accent fabric colors, and get the whole thing made to your measurements. And, most dresses are under $600! Again with the holy cow.

Katherine Robinson is the star of this outfit, based in Bali, and she knows her stuff. Be sure to check out the Bombshell dresses too, all in cheery polka dots or smooth tropical florals that look like they belong on Rita Hayworth in a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby picture. I am tickled by Whirlingturban, and I think you will be too;)

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