Monday, November 2, 2009

"Work those boobs, girlfriend!"

Halloween in Boystown. What can I say, really? It was outrageously fun, fabulous, and fan-friggin-tastic. First off, we were the best dressed group there, hands down (though, I am a little biased). We walked around for most of the evening, but towards the end we stopped on a corner just to watch people go by, and were mobbed for pictures. B. and Tabitha were the hits of the night, with B. being mistaken for a woman several times (his Queen Victoria was that good), and Tabitha's boobs the knock-down, drag-out star of the entire outing. I swear! You'd think gay men had never seen a rack before! She was very popular.

The night also had its share of fabulous Queens not in our group. This was just one example; there was even a really good Queen of Hearts from the upcoming Alice in Wonderland! I was too stunned to get my camera out (and my fingers were too cold to work it anyway!)

We stopped to have a late dinner at the IHOP in Boystown, and did we draw attention! It was the most fun I remember having with Eggs Benedict ever.

Yes, it was absolutely freezing, and my hands and feet were numb by the end of the night. But, I wouldn't have traded it. Thank you for being so much fun, Boystown.

*Boystown is an unofficial neighborhood in Chicago that encompasses the area around Halsted and Belmont.

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