Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: for the Geek

All Your Holiday Are Belong to Us.

We all have them in our lives: the gamer/sci-fi/comic book/computer geeks who can beat the pants off the room in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and can reformat your hard drive without breaking a sweat. Nerf Herders, we salute you.

Now, I enjoy this show, but I know someone who follows it religiously. We've had deep philosophical discussions about the three-toed statue, and the connection between Jacob and Horus. If you know what I'm talking about, you need these magnets.

I keep hearing that I have to watch the show from the other geeks I know.

Do you remember floppy disks? I'm old enough to remember when they were full size, and how excited everyone was when they came out with disklettes. All that storage space in such a small plastic recepticle! Amazing! I guarantee your geek remembers floppies well;)

As the tale goes, Alan Tudyk used this famous scene as his screen test for the part of Wash. Now it is lodged in the hearts of literally dozens of fans;)

Obviously I'm quite a geek myself, so this was a pretty easy guide to compile, but if you can never remember the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, check out some of these stores. The geek in your life will thank you;)


Kimba said...

You haven't watched "Big Bang Theory"?!?! It's the funniest show on television! Brilliant!

Ginger said...

I know, I know! I swear I'll get on that;)