Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: for the Chic Fashionista

We all know her: the girl who never has a hair out of place, and always looks like she stepped off the pages of Vogue. She carries the perfect bag and wears those boots just over the knee, and she never over-accessorizes. She's the Sophisticated Fashionista, and this gift guide is for her;)

I just love this dress, above. Holly Stalder has a real flair for decoration, and the ruffle is just enough to be chic without overpowering the dress. Fabulous.

I love peacock feathers, as should be apparent by now;) This bag is simple and elegantly beautiful, with the feather embroidred on a lovely silver silk, lined in peacock blue satin. Gorgeous.

I wish I was able to pull off something like this. A simple black dress with this tied around your neck? Or peeking out of a tweed jacket? To die for.

These clovers are everywhere in earrings and necklaces, and its not hard to see why; the slightly architectural feel is simple and familiar, and it adds just the right bit of adornment to your tunic and skinny jeans.

One of my favorite designers from last season's Project Runway has two fabulous Etsy stores, and this is just my favorite from her Ready to Wear shop. This is totally the perfect Day-to-Evening dress: pair it with a chic black blazer for the office, and then some blingy earrings and dramatic eyes for night. Stunning.

This is just lovely, tasteful, elegant, and refined. 'Nuff said.

Hope you've been enjoying the gift guides so far, but i'd love to hear from you with suggestions for others. What gift guides would you like to see next?

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InspiredDreamer said...

Fabulous taste, you have!! Just checked out your Etsy page again too--you've got some beautiful fascinators!