Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give . . .

By now you've probably heard about the massive earthquake that struck Haiti Tuesday. The epicenter of the magnitude-7 quake was near the capital of Port-au-Prince, and the Red Cross is estimating 50,000 people died. It's hard to even conceive of that many people all at once. What was the last show you saw at a large theatre? Imagine everyone sitting around you died, all at once. Now multiply that by 50.

Added to this unbelievable tragedy is the general poverty already prevalent in Haiti, a Western country that is for all intents and purposes 3rd world, though we seem to conveniently forget our poor neighbor. Relief is coming slowly by the simple fact that there is simply not room for all the aid planes to land. Relief workers already on the ground must struggle with a lack of equipment needed to rescue people from rubble. Everywhere there are people sitting on curbs, their few possessions, if any, clutched to them, nowhere to go.

I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation, and feel lucky and blessed to have all that I do. Please give to the relief effort; even $10 goes so far for people who have so little.

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Kimba said...

I can't encourage you enough to add Habitat for Humanity to your list of places to give donations to. They are already down in Haiti accessing what can be done to give people homes.