Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project Runway Alum Makes Good . . .

The last season of Project Runway had some of the most talented designers I've seen on that show for quite awhile, and one of my favorites was Carol Hannah Whitfield. She had a real gift for creating beautiful, elegant dresses that just about any woman I know would want to wear (including me!). So, imagine my delight at stumbling upon her two Etsy shops, one devoted to bridalwear, and the other her ready-to-wear line. Classic Carol Hannah: high quality, beautiful construction, and each design something I would give my eye-teeth to wear;) Here are a few of my faves . . .

How fun would this be for a spring/summer wedding, and in that drapey jersey? Who said formalwear has to be stiff and uncomfortable?

Ohmigod, chic. Those woven lines of bias tape make me a little swoony.

This has got to be my favorite. Can't you just see this with a few gold bangles and beaded earrings at that chic rooftop party? Yes, please!

She even has some super-cute belts and cuffs! Check out her shops and her blog; I wish her nothing but the best and I hope to send a little more traffic her way (not that she needs it!).

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