Friday, April 23, 2010

40 Before 40, part 4

Image courtesy We Heart It

Here's the final installment of my 40 Before 40 list:

31.Climb a tree
32.Spend at least one night in a place overlooking the ocean
33.Take a vacation by myself
34.Build a piece of furniture from scratch
35.Run or walk in a marathon to benefit a cause I believe in deeply
36.Learn to take a compliment
37.Learn to throw a punch
38.Teach a class on something I know a lot about
39.Grow a garden
40.Say no without guilt

That's it! I don't think any of these goals are terribly unrealistic, though they may take a while to accomplish. Still, if I can do even half of what's on here, it's going to be an interesting decade;)

Have any of you, my dear readers, done anything on my list? Any words of wisdom to impart?


Christy said...

i love your list...and i hope you manage all these goals! i had a nun say to me once...when someone gives you a compliment, say thank you...and only thank you. to do otherwise, does not accept god's grace. i hold that advice dear.

InspiredDreamer said...

Great list!! Ok, I am NOT good at saying no, so I'm writing this for both of us. I think the imporant thing to remember is we only get one life, and even if what you're being asked to do is a good thing, God has GREAT things in store for us. But if we're too busy doing the good, we won't have time for the great. And if something isn't great for you, it might be great for someone else. So don't steal their great to be your good.


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