Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wizard World Revamp . . .

Well, I've finally reached the point where I need to be realistic about time and money for this summer, and shift my costuming plans.

Every year for Wizard World in August, I try to go all-out and do some fantastic outfit for myself and my sister. Some previous looks:

Inara and Zoe from Firefly, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and Silk Spectre from Watchmen,

Calypso and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (with a very cool Jack Sparrow!),

Anakin Skywalker and the Emperor Palpatine from Revenge of the Sith, Phoenix from X3,

Asajj Ventriss and Shaak Ti, from the Clone Wars

Don't feel bad if you're not familiar with all these characters or the films or shows they come from; I know most people are not the huge geeks that we are;) Still, you can see I like to try to pull out all the stops for the one event a year where I get to wear something non-historical.

This year is tough. I had originally planned to do two costumes from Alice in Wonderland, then, I had to scale it back to one, and now . . . well, I think I'll be able to do the White Queen for Halloween, but probably not for the summer. Instead, I have to pick something easier and cheaper.

Here are my two ideas:

Kaylee from Firefly, or Black Widow from Iron Man 2. Either one would require some outlay of cash, but not a huge amount. This is my last comic con here in Chicago, so I want to go out without a bang without driving myself insane.

What do you think, dear readers? Ideas? Opinions? What costume do you think I should make for Wizard World/Chicago Comic Con this year?

Vote on the left sidebar for your choice! I'll make a decision at the end of the month!


Little Baby Delirium said...

Why not an Alice inspired look? Otherwise, I am going with the Firefly one.

KafkaPie said...

Black Widow! :)

You would certainly make a cute Kaylee, but I think her outfit is too easy.

Ginger said...

I think I'm leaning towards Widow too . . .;)

Anonymous said...

Black Widow if not something from Alice

SewCherie said...

Black Widow is more relevant now but the die-hard Firefly fans (like me) will love a Kaylee.

If you do Black Widow, even cooler would be to do her first apperance outfit (w/ clipboard) and later 'change into' the Black Widow...