Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And, at the Center . . .

It's official: the livingroom is now Centerpiece Central. Three boxes, one of them large enough to hold a body in, arrived on Monday, and they are now sitting about, mocking us with the space they take up.

The largest one holds not the result of a murderous rampage but instead 30 manzanita branches, those twisty, bleached, beautiful things that seem to remind me of so many things: coral, veins, lightning, you name it. We opened the box and stared inside at the interlocking, woven mass inside, and I immediately went for my camera. Soon, they will be taken apart and crafted into tall, gleaming, crystal-encrusted centerpieces, but for now they are this. There is a stark beauty in that box.

But, we definitely need to clear those boxes from the livingroom. Either that, or start charging them rent.

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