Monday, August 2, 2010

Because the sky is blue . . .

This weekend was a strange series of ups and downs: lots of wonderful interactions with children, but a few things that were fairly stressful and upsetting. I know there are weekends like this, where things feel off and it is sometimes a struggle to keep going;  at one time I was chased by someone who wanted a picture and followed me through gardens and over rocks, with no sense of boundaries or personal space. There were so many people there on Sunday that I spent a lot of time perched in trees or on balconies, because it was impossible to move without being hemmed in on all sides. There are weekends when I deal well with this, but this last weekend was not one of them.

There were some lovely things too, of course: a little girl who tackled me for a hug, and one who kissed me right on the cheek; Puck's flirting with the Queen via juicy tomato; Petals taking a nap on me while we were gathered around a sleeping troll; four faeries playing catch with a ball of energy. Moments like these make the frustrations or upsetting things fade into the background, and remind me why I am so privileged to work with these amazing people and to be doing what I do.

It will be difficult coming to the end of the Season. I am starting to miss it already, good and bad, highs and lows.


Steven said...

Ginger, I was there on Sunday and I agree, it was packed! I've wondered how hard it must be on you guys when it's that busy and photographers are in your face all day. I'm a photographer, but I always try to respect your space by using a zoom lens and standing way back. That of course makes it harder for me because of all the other photographers getting in front of me. I only shot a few photos on Sunday because of that.

I was able to catch one of your special moments with my camera though. I have an awesome shot of you and Flower sleeping by the tree. She has her head on your lap and you both look so peaceful. If you'd like to have a copy of this I'll gladly send you one.

By the way, I love the new look for Gaia.

Take care.

Ginger said...


I'd love a copy of that shot! It was such a lovely moment;)

Steven said...

Did you get the picture? I sent it to you yesterday afternoon.

Ginger said...

I did, thank you!!! I sent it to Tegan as well (Flower).

Steven said...

Very Cool. Glad you liked it.