Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Final Thoughts on Closing Weekend . . .

It is hard to find the words to talk about my final weekend at Bristol. I will probably start crying just by thinking about it; it was powerful and emotional and exhausting and exhilarating all at once. And, it was made up of  thousands of little moments:
-I played kickball with a plastic bottlecap just after a whip show. Seven or eight people ended up getting involved as I kicked this plastic cap around; it was the simplest game but so much fun.
-Cassidy was back, a little red-haired girl who is particularly attached to the faeries. She hugged and sat with us all, very clingy and sweet. It was lovely to see her again.
-Finally singing "Farewell to Bristol". Yep, I definitely teared up during that.
-Sitting in the window on Sunday, my last Closing Gate as Gaia, and having a father with his three girls saying I was their favorite and asking if I would be back next year. I almost lost it right there.
-Hundreds of little kids. I will never remember all of them, but I will never forget them either.

I must thank everyone who worked with me over the years, all my directors and castmates and crew members, but I must especially thank my Fantastickals. Never before have I known such welcome and support and peace as the hours and days spent in that Shack. Every faery I have known has left an indelible mark on me: Thank you Tegan, Jenn, Amanda, Jon, Gwen, Beth, Therin, Joe, Austin, Cheryl, Gabe, Damien, Kyle, Chloe, and Katie. The Shack was my home away from home, and I thank you for letting me be Mom Faery for all of you. And, thank you Tom for your patience, skill, and for taking a chance on me and allowing me into this incredible circle in the first place.

Being Gaia has changed me from the inside out, and I will never be the same. Bristol will go on without me; next season, a few kids may remember me and wonder where I am, but most will move on gracefully, and I will not be overly missed. That is as it should be; Bristol is a living, evolving creature, made of hundreds of parts always changing. I was proud to be one of those parts for a little while.

Goodnight, and joy be with you all, dear Bristol.


Anonymous said...

Remember, you can always come back and visit for a weekend or two! ;)

Steven said...

I for one,will miss Gaia dearly. This was my first summer at the faire and I went four times. The two times I got to photograph you were wonderful Ginger. My photos of you are some of my best Fantastikal images.

We were there on Sunday, but only saw you very briefly while we were heading to a show. So unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of your last weekend. That's ok though, I'll treasure those that I took earlier in the summer.

Thank you for being such a wonderful fairy and beautiful subject to photograph. I hope everything works out great for you in sunny California, that's where I'm originally from :-)