Monday, September 20, 2010

The Next Big Thing . . .

Sorry for the quiet the last few days, but I've been a busy bee finishing up polishing details on the next book. Outcast is finished and ready to start submitting to agents for their rejections;) Seriously, though, this book has been a real labor of love: I've researched my butt off, typed my fingers to the bone, laughed, cried, and generally had a wonderful time writing it. I know it's an uphill battle getting anything represented by an agent much less published, but this is the first book in years that I've felt is strong enough to even make the attempt. I'm currently at work polishing my query letter, and I'll keep y'all posted once the rejections start to come in;)

Here's a short synopsis:

In the spring of 1877, Benjamin Foster is living a perfectly bland, unassuming life in London as a bookkeeper—until the day he receives the news that his sister has been viciously murdered. A trip to America to settle her estate leads to encounters with menacing yellow-eyed assassins, henchmen who could break his neck like a twig, and a very unexpected bequest: his sister’s son, Jonah.

Benjamin changes from a simple accountant to a hunted man who leaps from moving locomotives, shoots bizarre electrical guns, negotiates with Indian chiefs, and ends up in the last place he would have ever expected: Outcast, Nevada.

The folks in Outcast, especially the strangely compelling Sheriff Jack Warner, are the only ones who can protect Benjamin and Jonah from those hunting them . . . but they aren’t the Wild West frontiersmen they seem to be, and Outcast isn’t just a little border town. The Lakota call them the Ancient Ones of Golden Light, and their secret is so strange that it will tear Benjamin from his bland, unassuming life forever.

*BTW: That cover art is by me, and it's copyrighted. Don't use it without my permission, or I will have to spank you;)


badbetsy said...

I want to read that book!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like steampunk! Awesome!