Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorta Shameless . . .

Okay, I've gone back and forth for awhile over whether I should do this, most of the time ending up solidly in the shouldn't column. Everything I've ever gotten I've worked my butt off for; I am not a proponent of entitlement or getting anything for free.

I have been working on this move since I turned 28, had a breakdown and realized it was time to start trying for the life I had dreamed about, but had been too afraid to risk before. In the last year, I have seen my move estimates go up steadily until the amount of money I would need to get to LA so far exceeds the amount I'm able to save that it is virtually impossible to figure out how to bridge the gap. I have gotten used to losing sleep and bursting into tears for no reason. I have pared down my belongings drastically, asked help from everyone I know, and have figured out four or five different move scenarios, hoping to save money, mostly to little avail. I have never asked for or expected money that did not need to be paid back, and the idea of doing so gives me hives in unmentionable places.

But, someone recently said that if I didn't at least make the attempt, along with trying to find a second job (still trying) and selling whatever I had that could be sold (in the works), then I wasn't really trying everything. So, I am swallowing some pride and asking for help.

There is a teensy, tiny button at the top left of my blog. If the spirit moves you, you can click on it and donate to help fund my move, which must happen in January of 2011, after which the button will come down (if not sooner). I do not expect anyone to do this: I am not going through chemo and unable to pay medical bills, I am not homeless, I am not trying to feed my kids. There are lots of people out there far more deserving of your charitable contributions, and if you really want to give money, I want you to give to them. But, if you still have five bucks left after that and it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, I'd appreciate that. I guarantee it won't buy me a new pair of shoes or an iced chai, though it might pay a bill here or there. Most likely it would go straight into my savings, or my "unofficial moving account".

Here are some far more deserving charities:

So, this is a sorta shameless plug, but not really; my face is pretty red right now, and that button might come down right away. But, I guess I'd be sorry if I didn't try everything.

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