Monday, November 1, 2010

A Grand Costume Indeed . . .

A friend of mine recently commissioned a Grand Admiral Thrawn costume, and I was happy to oblige with both the costume and the makeup! As I've posted before, thrawn is my favorite Expanded Universe character, so I was pretty excited to tackle this project. I was fairly happy with the results, despite a few setbacks with the costume!

I'll go more into depth with the construction in a later post, but using the McCall's 4745 pattern was the perfect starting point.

The sleeves ended up too short (i'll be cutting new sleeves later for it!) and the collar vexed me (it wouldn't lie perfectly!) but all in all, I think it was pretty successful. And, the makeup looked pretty cool; I used Mehron Liquicolor in blue as the base (over white), and lowlights in blue/black. You can't quite tell in these photos, but he was wearing red scleral lenses too!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I know mine was busy and fun;)

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