Monday, November 8, 2010

Red in the Face . . .

I went to a dermatologist on Friday, and got the expected diagnosis: rosacea. It took my doctor about ten seconds to diagnose me; she walked in, looked at my history, at my red, bumpy cheeks, and that was it.

Before Friday, I can't say it was a condition I knew a lot about; most people, in my experience, don't learn about skin conditions for fun. Here's what I know now:
-Rosacea affects 16 million people. It's most common in fair skinned people who blush easily (and I definitely fall into that catagory!).
-There's no cure, but there are plenty of treatments.
-The most common signs of rosacea: flushing, persistent red bumps or pimples on the face, or visible redness or blood vessels.
-Spicy food or extremes of temperature can be triggers.

So, now I'm on four different creams and an oral antibiotic. The good news is, I've noticed a difference in my skin already, and I've finally found a moisterizer I can use! The bad news: I will have to deal with this forever. Still, I choose to look on the bright side, and hope that I can look forward to a future of baby-soft skin from all the creams and cleansers!

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