Monday, February 21, 2011

Goodbye dear, I'll be back in a year . . .

On Saturday, despite the chilly, wet weather, I headed out to San Pedro for the Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 at Fort MacArthur. Dressed as a WAC (more on that later), I braved the mud and puddles and for an afternoon of sharply-dressed soldiers and dapper dames;)

The Fort now houses a museum dedicated to WWII, made of brick and concrete and labyrinthine, full of old newspapers and spent shells. It was strange to wander through the rooms and catch my reflection on the glas displays, looking a bit like I belonged in them! 

 The mud was everywhere, but that didn't stop most people. Rain or shine, the war goes on;) I have to say though, I was pretty glad I was wearing wool and sensible shoes!

 There were civilians there too, of course: some in '40's garb and some not. It was satisfying when and older gentleman in modern dress asked me about my uniform, and recognized the patch I was wearing. I got to be a little educational!

 The view of the ocean from the highest point on the fort was pretty amazing, and also showed the next weather front approaching. I decided when I saw these clouds rolling in that I didn't want to be caught in the next deluge! I headed home after spending a few fun hours in 1942!

I'm looking forward to next year, when I have more time to pull together a better uniform and might even scrounge up someone to drag with me! 


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic. I'd swear you were an actress in a film, wearing that!

Megan Tea said...

Stumbled on your blog - thought you'd like to know that my mom just discovered my grandmother's complete WAC uniform from when she served in the South Pacific! We're donating the uniform (and other memorabilia from my grandmother's time in the service, including letters, sketches and booklets) to the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, MI.
Anyways, thank you for recognizing this courage group of women, which included my amazing grandmother!