Monday, April 25, 2011

False Start . . .

I promised to blog about my car-buying experience. I guess I have to keep that promise, even though it didn't involve actual, you know, car buying.

So, since it's me, I did a lot of homework to prepare for this. I researched cars for reliability and fuel-efficiency, and looked at and Kelly Blue Book for value. I looked at a LOT of dealer websites. I calculated how much car I could afford based on the down-payment I had, what I could expect for my trade-in, and what my interest rate for financing would probably be. I was nervous about the whole thing, so much so that my stomach was in knots from Friday night on. But, I was ready. I wasn't going to let a salesman walk all over me or try to trick me into spending more money.

Turns out I never got the chance to spend any money.

The first place I went to made it clear that it was pretty much impossible for me to get a car. No one would finance me. Here's the break down:

-I need a car that costs X
-A bank will only finance a car for me that is 2007 or newer
-No car that is that new costs X
Conclusion: I cannot get a car.

It's very frustrating (and scary) to be driving a car that is clearly unsafe, and have no other option open to me. Unless I decide to start stripping to save extra money fast (and let's face it: I would not be a successful stripper), I will have to drive Serenity for another six months at least before I can try this again. And, if she breaks down before then (which looks increasingly likely every day), I will be forced into a truly desperate position where I will end up with a beyond-shitty monthly payment, like the $400 a month the car dealership suggested this weekend.

I'm at the end of my tether with this situation, but there's little I can do but wait. And pray, every time I turn my key, that I will make it safely to my destination.


Kimba said...

I'd start looking for used cars by private sellers. You never know how willing someone might be to work with you?

Ginger said...

Then no warrantee, and no guarantee that it won't be a lemon. Plus, I'd have to get independent financing (which would be great if I could get it, but alas!). That's a big bag of scary.

LibertyJBE said...

Police Auction?

Ginger said...

Again, I would need independent financing so I could walk in with $7000-8000 in my pocket. And, I would have no idea what kind of car I'm getting. The last thing I want is to get another car that will die within a few months, or nickel and dime me to death.

Steven said...

Check out CarMax. They are really good at working with you on financing.

Ginger said...

Steve: I just talked with them. They can't help me either.