Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Into the Wild . . .

I hope everyone had as lovely a holiday weekend as I did! My sister came to visit, and we went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday!

The Zoo is huge and the landscaping is beautiful. We did feel a little bit herded at times; there are specific trails and routes, and once on them, you feel like it's a little hard to get off of them and go somewhere else. But, we did get the chance to see a lot of the zoo; we were there for over four hours!

An adolescent giraffe. It was pretty amazing seeing the giraffes up close. At one point the large male walked all the way up to the edge of the moat, as though posing for us, and you could truly get a sense of how tall they really are!

I got to see several animals I've never really seen before, like koalas, and of course pandas. These Greater Rhinos were bigger than any I have seen previously.

The ever-present wandering peacocks.

I'm pretty sure this mountain lion wanted to eat me. It stood as close to the fence as possible, tensed and watching all of us below. It was pretty unnerving, and I was glad when we moved on.

The pandas were funny to watch; they seemed a little like blase celebrities, sitting, eating, and posing for all of us. Very cute, of course, but the whole area felt a little too staged for my taste. Still, it was cool to get to see them.

It was a fantastic time overall, and it'll be a while before I make the two-hour drive again! I'm glad I got to enjoy it with Tab, and I hope you all had as much fun with your holiday as I did;)

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