Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strike a Match . . .

The Experience.

It's hard to think of what to say. It wasn't overly successful, but I suppose it was important to have given it a try. When I moved 2000 miles, I knew it would be difficult meeting people. I had this image in my head before I moved, that I would somehow have a personality transplant and take yoga classes and get all join-y with things, and then I'd gather oodles of new friends around me. Maybe if I was in the next Mila Kunis flick or something, that kind of thing would happen. But in the real world, I had to pay $80 and use extra gas and buy myself a few drinks to learn my lesson.

Several of the guys I met were pretty nice. In fact, only one of the guys I met was sort of a douche-bag, which is saying something. The crazies didn't make it past the message-screenings; one guy I was communicating with thought I had a problem with the fact that he was LAPD, and flipped out about it (I didn't). Most of the guys who messaged me were much older, or just weren't a match with me from what they said on their profile. Most of the guys I messaged never responded, so I guess it was the same for them.

I went on eight dates in two months. I'm exhausted. In the last six years leading up to May of 2011, I had been on five dates total. In six years. Eight dates in two months, almost all with different guys, most of whom I'm okay with not hearing from again. The one guy I am a little interested in has sort of disappeared and usually seems fairly unavailable, so I figure he decided he's not interested in seeing me again (kind of a shame, but go figure). So, $80 and change later, I'm back where I was. A little wiser (I hope), not much older, and definitely a little poorer. But, I learned my lesson, and I did the online dating thing.

If any of those guys are reading this, you're all pretty nice. I'm a tough nut to crack, is all. I mean, I've been single for six years, that must say something about me, right? I hope to stay friends with most of you, but you'll move on to more interesting dates than me (I hope). For the guy I hope contacts me . . . well, hopefully you know who you are.


Kimba said...

I hate to think that after 8 dates you're done! I mean, most people date a LOT more than that by the age of 30, so keep that in perspective. No, may not be the right fit for you, but there are other options out there. You have a lot to offer, and so does someone else. Good luck, my friend, and don't give up on friendship/love!

Seabourne said...

As one of the guys who was honored by being a date in the previous years, I hope the best for you. I think that I've told you before that my life was (As usual) consumed by the boat when we hit summer, and I fell off the map. Someone else happened before fall (by coming out on the boat regularly to see me mostly). I don't regret it for the outcome - I'm still happily with Kara, but it was never due to thinking less than wonderfully of you. Best of men for you I hope.... If I had a friend in LA I could recommend, I'd send him your way.