Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, that's it then.

Two dates seems to be my going rate for people figuring me out, or at least figuring out that they have zero interest in a third. I wasn't invested enough in this guy for it to break my heart . . . it's more the idea of it, I think.

See, I know it takes way longer than that to get me. I'm kinda like one of those cool geode rocks with crystal inside, the kind with lots of layers of different colors hidden under this boring surface that pretty much just looks like rock. Chip away, and you start to see the sparkle, and keep working at it and you'll find out there's a lot more under there than you thought. But, I don't give up my secrets easily, and I definitely don't show you more than the first layer by the second date.

This is probably my chief problem, I guess. I know extremely little about modern dating. Nowadays, by the second date maybe a lot of girls already know what kind of underwear the guy wears. Me, I'm more interested in finding out if he likes Neruda or if he can appreciate the simple beauty in plain old cloud formations. I know: snore. That's me, though.

I just realized that I described myself as a fucking rock. Is that telling? Never mind, I don't care. I'm giving the dating world the finger. Both of them. Raised high and proud.

An agate geode, bitches.


Trinity said...

Would you believe it if I said this was a good thing? You don't want the guys that cannot put the effort into getting to know you. And unfortunately, you have to go through a lot of toads to get to your prince charming. But, he is out there and when you find him (or he finds you) you will have forever to peel back those layers and discover the inner you.

ThePeSla said...


I am still here although we never met in the Windy City.

I doubt anything good comes of such on line match making and those friends who use it now block it our or complain about experiences with it.

You know, in rock are crystals and water and can be seen a living thing- as is the mother earth...