Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Both Sides Now . . .

Yesterday was National Come Out Day. I make no secret of the fact that I am a staunch supporter of gay rights: my dearest, closest friends are two gay men, and they are only two of many members of the LGBT community I am proud to know.

But, until now, I have shied away from labelling myself. I abhor labels, as a rule: I am a singer/actress/artist/writer/costumer/baker/extraordinaire, and I would hate to have to pick something to identify myself as, though people generally want to put things into a neat little box. I am the same with my sexuality, though I have known for years and accepted that I am attracted to men as well as women. If I have to pick a label, then it's time to proudly own it: bisexual.

It seems to surprise no one I know that I "came out" yesterday, like it was a widely known open secret, or something. I've never really called myself bisexual, though I've had these feelings most of my life. To those who think bisexuals are "just kidding themselves": grow up. I am turned on by men and women. I definitely have a type, where both genders are concerned. Have I dated many women? No. But, I haven't dated many men, either. I think I'm finally at a point in my life where I'd be equally open to either, without feeling any "Catholic guilt" (huzzah for letting go of childhood oppression!).

So, nothing has really changed about me after my come-out; it was such a non-event that no one I know even commented on it. But, I wonder if anything internal will change for me, as if by owning this identification, I will become more comfortable or accepting of this part of myself. I tend to think everything will be just as before, though. Which really isn't such a bad thing.

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