Friday, October 21, 2011

Closed Door . . .

I just got a pretty big disappointment, and I'm working to rally back at the moment.

A few weeks back, the BFF told me about an opportunity for a position as a costume shop foreman at a pretty big university down here, working under someone who was the assistant of one of my costuming idols. Huge. After all, I came here, uprooted my entire life, to work in costuming. Not to push pencils in an office.

Today, I found out the position had been entirely misrepresented, and wasn't anything like what we thought it was.

I tried mightily, over the last few weeks, not to count chickens before they were hatched, knowing that it was a slim possibility, that they might want someone with different qualifications, might not pay enough, whatever. But, being in the entirely frustrating, soul-crunching place I'm in right now, I couldn't help but imagine waking up each morning to go to a job that made me happy and proud to be there. That made me feel like I didn't make a mistake coming out here. Finally doing something I could love.

I'm rallying. I'm moving on. But, I'm sad. I know it means I wasn't meant to go there, that there must be something else I'm supposed to do still on the horizon, but . . . right now it just feels like endless months of the same routine.

Right. Time to apply chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Oh that seriously sucks :( I know chocolate helps me when I'm feeling poopy. I hope things get better for you.

Kimba said...

The only thing to do is to keep applying everywhere in the field you want. Don't wait for things to be posted, apply anyway. Be a squeaky wheel! Go after the job you want, don't wait for it. Go meet as many people in the field as possible. Do a weekend internship to get your foot in the door. If it's what you want, you make it happen!