Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steam-powered Costume . . .

After far too long saying I'll do it, I'm finally making a Steampunk costume. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do on Halloween, but not having something new to wear just seems inconceivable to me. And since I've become the master of pulling stuff out of my ass for very little money this year, I'm making a new bodice to go with my Money Dress skirts, and cribbing most of the stuff from materials I already have. The bodice is adapted from a TV pattern, but I've changed almost everything about it, so I can't even really claim the pattern I started with! I'll try, somehow, to get pictures of the full ensemble, and post them here. If I'm allowed to dress up at work, I'll see if one of my coworkers will take some pics. Otherwise, the good, old timer function will at least get some passable shots, if not stylish;)

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