Monday, December 19, 2011

Skiff Made of Paper . . .

Don't ask me why (even I don't know why I decide to do some of these projects), but the last few weekends I have made paper-cut dioramas inside book boxes. I was inspired by an ad in a Martha Stewart magazine, and I guess I was bored. Unlike most bored people, who make a sandwich or pick their nose or something, I decided to grab the card stock and an exacto knife. Go figure.

The first was dome imside a book box I didn't use for my Audiobook project, and it turned out pretty well. I intend to cover the outside with paint and paper at some point.

The second I did yesterday, and had a bit of a rockier time of it, because:
a) I used a plain paper mache book box, which I will never do again.
b) I am out of hot glue sticks, something I thought was an actual impossibility.
The book box is woefully uneven on the inside, something you can't really detect until you start trying to attach pieces or perfectly square paper into it that end up going wonky. And, the absense of glue means I used masking tape, which looks sloppy. Not my best effort, but a learning experience.

All in all, I think I may keep going with this idea, doing more clasic books like the one above. I love the stark simplicity of the white paper with the complex cut layers showing through each other, and I have mental ideas for Moby Dick, Watership Down, Lord of the Rings, and several faery tales. I may end up having a busy holiday weekend;) If they turn out well, I may start listing them in the shop, just for funsies . . .

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