Monday, January 30, 2012

40's Suit Progress . . .

The mockup is done! Yay! Things are progressing a little slowly; I always work better with a deadline, and my brain keeps whispering, "It's still a few weeks off! Go take a walk!" I could've had the suit construction done this weekend with just finishing work left to do, but I was lazy yesterday and tried to enjoy the beautiful weather. But, I did get the mockup fitted and the suit is cut out!

Can I just tell you all how much I love those lapels? They will be a little smaller in the finished suit, since the mockup includes seam allowances, but they are still my favorite part of the entire look.

I look kind of like a nurse or like its a Naval dress uniform right now. You'll get the picture when you see it in the Glen Ellen plaid wool, below:

It's an Eva Dress pattern, and it's pretty fantastic, but not for the beginner. The instructions do make a few assumptions about your skill-level; there were a few darts that I discovered that were not in the instructions, but I knew where they should go from experience. Still, it's not that difficult a pattern, and I foresee construction going rather quickly next weekend. I'll keep you posted on the progress, dear readers!


Bethan said...

Looks great! Will it have shoulder pads?

Ginger said...

The pattern doesn't call for them, but I'm going to see how they look. The finished suit may or may not have them!