Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big, Big Day!

In case you missed this, The Hunger Games opens next month, and I'm uber-excited. Not just to see one of my favorite YA series come to life, but for the clothes, y'all;)

Effie Trinket, Capitol PR maven, in charge of making the possible-murder of her tributes look as shiny and pretty as possible, looks to be the front-runner in my race to choose what costume I will do for SDCC this year (I am going, dammit!) My chief difficulty may come in choosing from her myriad looks!

Whenever I start to look into reproducing a costume, I look to every possible source of research and material on the original. The folks behind the film just handed me a big one, all wrapped up in a asparkly bow: Capitol Couture.

The marketers for the film have made this faux-fashion magazine highlighting the wild couture the folks in the Capitol don, and as a source, it is fantastic. The GIF above is just one example: I get to see the entire costume, including shoes, and I even get to find out who made them (Alexander McQueen, as it happens). I LOVE that the costume designer on this film used some real designers ("vintage", for the purposes of the story); it gives it a very identifiable "fashionista" feel.

I can't wait to see the film in March. Stay tuned for my choice for Comic Con (if I can choose just one!)

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