Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blitzkrieg Baby . . .

Saturday was the Air Raid at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro. Yay! I had an absolute blast this year; the weather was much nicer than last year (I did not end up smelling like a wet dog!) and I went with a few friends, which makes anything more fun.

The Fort was once again decked out like it might have looked in 1942, with period artillery, tanks, jeeps, and cars all over the place, as well as lots of servicemen and women. There were plenty of civilians too, many dressed in period garb as I was and looking fairly natty;)

It was a cloudy day, and slightly chilly, but compared with last year's downpours and mud, it was perfect! The view from the hill out over the ocean was beautiful, as always.

There was a dance, of course, and though I did not dance (much), it was fun watching everybody swing to the sounds of the band playing a lot of very familiar music;)

My sister says I look like Gwyneth Paltrow from "Sky Captain" in this shot;)

It was a lot of fun spending my Saturday afternoon in 1942. I'm looking forward to next year's already!

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Molly M. said...

I do like how you nipped in the waist of your suit to help create the correct silhouette. A piece of advice though on skirts from the time period, though. Ladies always wore their skirts at the very least below the knee (with the exception of costumes). Just something I noticed to help you make your impression more period correct.