Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Letter . . .

Dear Love,

I'll admit it: I have not always been patient. There have been times I have raged and stomped my feet, times I have thrown little unworthy tantrums like a child. There have been bitter times, and hopeless times, and lonely times. There have been so many times I shot my heart like an arrow only to have it miss the target by a mile, and I have blamed you for that.

But, no matter how long it takes, I will keep waiting. I am impatient, childish, impulsive, selfish, judgemental. I make bad choices, and sometimes say bad things. But, my heart, in its simplest form, is like a loyal dog that sits at the door, waiting for its master to come home. It doesn't matter if that dog hasn't seen him come through the door in days, in weeks, in months . . . the dog has no sense of time. It only knows that one day its master will come home, and when he does it will stand up excitedly, tail wagging, and all the many hours of waiting will instantly be forgotten.

It does not matter how long I have to wait for you, love. I may speak pragmatically, but inside I am an optimist, childlike, hoping for you to walk through the door. Certain, regardless of how many years pass, that one day you will.

I promise to greet you warmly when you do.


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