Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Comic Con had a "Second Chance Resale" for those of us unlucky enough to use their faulty link the first time, and wound up shut out. And, to my happiness, I GOT A BADGE! W00T!!!

I may try again at the normal resale, after may 15th, to see if I can get Saturday, which is the day of the costume contest. I would really like to see the thing and size up how stiff the competition is, if I want to try to compete next year. Sunday is a quieter day, apparently (the badges are half the price of any other day), so I'd like to see if I can manage Saturday too. But, if I can't, at least I know that I got a badge!!!

Pretty happy, y'all. Now, I can start planning Effie in earnest . . . .

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Cation Designs said...

So, so, incredibly happy for you. I was nervous last night thinking about it and hoping so hard that you would get a chance to show off your talent. Yay for Effie!