Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Saga Ends . . .

An update, for those who don't know how the Television Saga turned out:
Yes, I got my tv.

The whole thing was kind of hilarious/awful. but I'll give you the highlights:
-On Thursday,when the tv was supposed to arrive at the store for pickup, it didn't. I called the store several times, and then called Best Buy Customer Service again. Thank god for Jaqueline. I spoke to her on two consecutive nights, and she literally saved me as a customer. after all the hassle, she said, "I'd like to offer you a Best Buy gift card for all this trouble." I'm thinking, $15, right? Nope. $75. Thanks, Jaqueline.

-On Friday, according to Fedex, the tv arrived at the store. So, I'm on the phone with the store, trying to loate it. Is it there? Is it checked in? I hadn't gotten an email saying it was ready, and I still hadn't been charged. Adrianna, who I also spoke to on two consecutive days, assured me that yes, the television was here. I could come get it after my movie was over (I was going to see "Brave" that night). I took a breath.

-As of 4pm, I still hadn't been charged for said-tv. I called the store back. Surprise, surprise: they couldn't charge me. It wouldn't go through in their system. AGAIN. Adrianna said that at this point, they would cancel the order and I could come in, at which time they would basically sell me the tv.

-At 8:30pm, I show up, and the tv is rolled out for me. In a huge fucking box. the guy behind the counter laughs and says, "I hope this will fit in your car! You'd be surprised the people who show up to buy big tv's with tiny cars!" Chuckle, chuckle. I cringe, smile, and say, "Believe me, I'll make it fit."

-I wheel the cart out to my car and sure enough, the box is too big. Without missing a beat, I open the box and take out the actual tv, encased in giant blocks of foam, and put that into my car. Carefully. Like it's made of gold, which, at this point, it feels like it might be.

-I head home and set up the tv and dvd player, plug them in, and turn those suckers on. Success.

I just got my gift card in the mail and bought four dvds with it, ensuring that my July 4th will be well-spent. it is wonderful to finally have a screen that I can see from ten feet away (and hear); perhaps its a silly thing to be happy about, but I'm happy all the same. That being said, I will never buy a tv this way again. Yeesh.

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