Monday, February 11, 2013

A Night of Movie Fashion . . .

Me in front of a few costumes from The Hunger Games

I was extremely priviledged in having the opportunity to attend the gala opening of FIDM's Film Costume Exhibit this last Saturday. It was an exciting evening and an unprecedented chance to get to see costumes--and costume designers!--up close. I was on Cloud 9 all night, and I still am a little bit :)

The armor dress from Snow White and the Huntsman

I took pictures of course, but these are just a few; my friend and partner in crime Freya (responsible for my invitation), took many more, and here's a link to her Flickr album:

Charlize Theron's wedding dress from Snow White and the Huntsman

The beetle dress from Snow White and the Huntsman

The Peacock dress from Mirror Mirror

Finally getting the chance to see both Eiko's and Colleen's work up close was really something special; I felt a little teary looking at the incredible workmanship, the fabrics, the insane details. I also felt a little like a docent all night; every time I was standing near a set of costumes and I'd hear someone wondering aloud about something, I would automatically answer them. I do so much research into these costumes that I just can't help myself, I guess :) I ended up speaking to a few journalists for a bit because of it!

Snow White Swan Dress from Mirror Mirror

The Prince's costume from Mirror Mirror

Costumes from the Artist

The only designer I really had the chance to speak with was Mark Bridges, who designed the Oscar-winning costumes from the Artist and the nominated costumes from this year's The Master. He was friendly, warm, and full of interesting tidbits; we spoke for several minutes, and I tried not to geek out too badly!

Costumes from the Avengers

The Master


Les Miserables

John Carter

Dejah Thoris' wedding dress from John Carter

Django Unchained

Mary Todd Lincoln's dress from Lincoln

Getting to see costumes from Lincoln was another real treat; Joanna Johnston's attention to detail was astounding. Can you believe the dress above is an orange printed taffeta? Simply beautiful.




The tents outside were quite swanky and those in attendance were many and varied: everything from formal wear to a girl in a coat covered in feathers and a woman wearing nothing but bloomers and a corset! There was even a guy in tails and a top hat, and girl with blue hair and a candy pink tutu :)

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. I didn't get to meet Colleen, but I know I'll get the chance to meet her someday, when the time is right. I'm so glad I got the chance to go, and I'll be having costume dreams for some time to come. . .


Jason in Hollywood said...

Lovely photos of the costumes, but I thought you weren't allowed to take photos at the FIDM Exhibits? Was it because you were at the gala?

Ginger said...

Yes, exactly! You are only allowed to take pictures at the opening. Otherwise they pounce on you :)