Thursday, April 23, 2009

Etsy Week Feature: Boojiboo

Today I plan to feature shops centered around the kitchen, and my first shop is Boojiboo! This lovely shop is run by a mother and her two daughters, and they have a plethora of the cutest vintage aprons I have ever seen! My favorites are the Bella:

And the Maggie:

But they have lots of other styles too, including Plus-size aprons:

Betty Plus Size Apron

And cute-as-a-button half-aprons!

Sophia Half-Apron

Lest you start thinking these are a little too cutesy for you, they have skull prints for you goth bakers out there:

There are literally hundreds of prints to choose from, and several different styles. They look like little dresses, seriously, who would not want to tool around the kitchen in these?
If you're anything like me, you can't cook without getting your clothes covered in a myriad of things, from flour to egg goop;) What better way to protect your clothes than with a fab vintage apron in an ultra-fab pattern? Head on over to Boojiboo, and check out their blog as well. They're also giving an apron away on A Giveaway a Day; the giveaway ends Friday, so sign up now!

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