Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Etsy Week Feature: Matte Stephens

Sigmund Abernathy taking a ride through Central Park
On Thunderbolt On his first Trip to the United States

After that last post, I need to breathe and post some more fab art;)

My last feature today is the art of Matte Stephens. He has a wonderful mod sensibility that reminds me of the best of '50's and '60's art. It's a little Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends too, which I love;)
Count Abernathy's brother Sigmund Abernathy on his first trip to the
United States with Mr. Owl bumps into a hungry yet friendly Augustus the Lion

New Orleans

He also does little felted wool creations based on his art! You know I love me some felted wool;)

Rooster School Bus

It's a rooster you get to ride to school. C'mon, people; it doesn't get much cooler than this.

Stop by his delightful shop and pick something lovely and whimsical for your wall;)


Noah's Mommy said...

Really great stuff....fabulous....Happy SITS day

*jean* said...

popping in from SITs and these illustrations are delightful! TFS! your blog is really cute!!