Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Week Feature: La Belle Fairy

Amazing Classic Sweetheart Black satin Coutil Overbust Victorian Corset

La Belle Fairy was a chance find one day, while I was searching for Edwardian jewelry, of all things. As most of you know, I make corsets when necessary, and as most of you know, I HATE making corsets. I find them tedious and time-consuming to make, so finding someone who loves them and makes them exceptionally well is quite wonderful;) Her corsets are beautiful and historically accurate, which is harder to find than you would think! She covers several periods as well, with early to late Victorian as well as Edwardian silhouettes (she even has a lovely 1770's corset), and she sells some period undergarments and dresses too!

Nude and Silver Coutil steel boned Victorian corset

Cameo Victorian Corset Circa 1896

The next time someone comes to me looking for a corset, I'm sending them here! Check out her blog as well, for a little behind-the-scenes look into the life of a corset-maker of rare skill;)

Tightlacing steel boned custom Victorian corset black coutil circa 1890

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These are gorgeous! Just the right amount of sexy. ;)

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