Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsy Week!

Victorian-Civil War-Goth-Riding Top Hat
This week, I intend to feature amazing Etsy Shops everyday. It's so important to support and buy handmade items in this day and age of mass-produced, homogenized drivel, and these artists are at the top of their game. Show them some love and buy handmade!

First up is the incredible Topsy Turvy Hats! Kim Brown-Dye is
the skilled milliner who creates these funky, beautiful hats, each a work of art all its own. From homburgs to tricorns, top-hats to fascinators, Topsy Turvy Hats has a little something for everyone;)

Victorian Top Hat In Velvet - The Beaux
As soon as I have funds to spare, I am getting a hat from her! It's no secret I hate making hats, and I'm always happy to find a fabulous milliner to add to my supplier-list!
Victorian Boater with Berries

The Shien - 18th Century Masquerade Hat with Gilded Ship

Flapper - Feather - Headband - Fascinator - Black

If historical millinery is one of your passions, or if you just love incredible hats, check Topsy Turvy out. You won't be sorry (though you may hate me for making you a little poorer for the suggestion;)

All pics are copyrighted Topsy Turvy Hats!


{Katie Lane} said...

These are awesome hats! Thanks for the follow!

Ginger said...

Thanks for the comment;)