Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsy Week Feature: Mu-Yin Jewelry

Peach Nest Pearl Ring

One of my favorite Etsy Jewelry destinations is Mu-Yin's store, Mu-Yin Jewelry. She makes lovely wire-wrapped creations utilizing gemstones and beautiful fresh-water pearls in delicate and fabulous colors, like the peach pearl above. I myself purchased her unique and lovely free-form nest ring, with tiny seed pearls orbiting the larger one in the center, and I get endless compliments and "where did you get that?" requests. I'm glad to send people over to her, especially fellow pearl-lovers like myself;)

Gardenia Blossom Cocktail Ring

Pussy Willow Branch Wire Wrap Necklace

Lake Teal Blue Apatite Lariat Necklace
I love the new gardenia ring; can I get away with something so large and ostentatious for the everyday? I say, why not! It's a limited edition, so if you like it, get it now!


down and out chic said...

this work is gorgeous! and i'm with you on giant rings, wear them everyday, why not?! the gardenia ring is certainly ideal for a big ring.

Ginger said...

It's very feminine without being too girly, if that makes any sense;)

mu-yin jewelry said...

Ginger,thank you for this sweet post!And I love to hear what people think about my new Gardenia Blossom because it's definitely one of my proudest creations!

xo mollie a.k.a. Mu-Yin