Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays!

In effort to get some structure in my posts, I'm naming Tuesdays the Official Day for Site Recommendations! (small trumpet toots in the background)

My inaugural post is for one of my favorite letterpress invitation sites: Dauphine Press . If you're puzzled about what letterpress invitations are, and why so many people think they're such hot shit, here's a quick primer:

-Letterpress is a technique used for several centuries, involving a printing press that prints using plates with raised designs to produce the characters and images on the page. Modern letterpress usually uses some form of old press in combination with new techniques for creating custom printing plates from whatever art and text you want for your invitations. It's laborious but the results are beautiful; think of letterpress versus laser printing as the difference between an original Degas and a poster print of one.

The folks over at Dauphine Press create beautiful custom invites; I'm not in the market for any at the moment, but I discovered them a few years ago when I started looking around at wedding ideas. Now that my sister is starting to plan hers, I'm scanning sites once again . . .

They also do calling cards and stationary! Check them out if you're looking for lovely and amazing invites for your next event;)

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